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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aarti: During the complete daily seva routine

Aarti:  During the complete daily seva routine 

During the complete daily seva routine (Nitya Seva), total four aartis are done to Shree Prabhu. The two of them with the MatruBhav and the other two with the bhav of MadhuryaBhav i.e. Sahchari Bhav.

Time of Aarti:

Mangala Aarti (morning) & Sandhya Aarti (With Matrubhav)

Rajbhog Aarti & Shayana Aarti (Sahchari bhav)

These aartis are of two types:

Thaali aarti: This aarti is in the dish of bronze or silver and is artistically decorated with paintings on it. The Deepaks are placed which could be of 4-8-16 Baatis.

Khand Aarti: These aartis are of 3 Khandas.

First Khand: 4 Batis

Second Khand: 7 Batis

Third Khand: 9 Batis

 Why to do Aarti?

“Amangal Nivrtuyartha Mangalavaptaye Tatha, Krumarartikam Ten Prasiddhah Purushottamahah”

The Aarti is done 4 times a day  i.e. each four prahars. The objective of aarti is to remove the evil glances on Shree Prabhu.

Types of Baatis:

First Khand: Four Baatis: Pramaan, Pramey,Saadhan and Fal

Second Khand: 7 Baatis: Pramey, Bhakti, Asakti, Aavesh, Vyasan, Fal and Pranay

Third Khand: 9 Baatis: Navadha BHakti. 1. Shravan 2. Kirtana. 3. Smaran 4. Paad Sevan 5. Archana 6. Vandan 7. Dashya 8. Sakhya 9. Atmanivedanam

Why Mukhiyaji does the aarti from right side, while the Goswami Balaks do it exactly before Shree Prabhu i.e. Sanmukh ??

Mukhiyaji does the aarti representing the Sahchari of Shree Chandravaliji Swaminiji, and Shree Chandravaliji’s place is on right side of Shree Prabhu, thus, Mukhiyaji does the aarti from right side since he is the sahchari. While Goswami Balaks are themselves Shree Swaminiji and thus they have the right to perform aarti right in the front of Shree Prabhu. i.e. in Sanmukh of Shree Prabhu.

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