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Friday, February 9, 2018



Shri Vallabhacharya was not only a Saint but a great philosopher.
Both philosophy and religion are the steps to Reality i.e. God. Actually he was the founder of Pushti Marg.
Both philosophy and religion are the steps to Reality i.e. God. Actually he was the founder of Pushti Marg.
Shri Vallabhacharya’s parents were Brahmin, natives of the Andhra, Region of Southern India.
Shri Vallabhacharya’s father was Lakshman Bhat and Illamargaru was the mother.
Lakshman Bhatt had two children namely Ramkrishna and Keshav. Lakshman’s parents had performed ninty –five “Yagnas” and it was informed to him by his “Guru” that the birth of an “Avtar” would take place in his family after having completed hundred Yagnas. With a view to visit the sacred places of North India, Lakshman Bhatt had started from his village with his family members to reach Varansi. He found the place with peace and during his stay in Varansi, he had performed all five Somayagnas. Here he lived for some time but later, fearing disturbance and violence owing to Muslim ruler called Bahulul Lodi he fled with his family by a certain route which took him back to his native place. On his way to the South, he halted at Champaranya, a forest area in Raipur District i.e. in Madhya Pradesh. The terror and physical strain suffered by her resulted in the birth of the child at Champaranys, two months prematurely. Taking the child to be still-born for it showed no signs of life at first, the parents sadly placed it under a tree wrapped in a piece of cloth and retrated to the village for rest, and at night they had a dream in which God himself appeared and informed that he had been born as their child which they had thought as dead. Hence they went to the spot and to their surprise they found the divine baby enveloped by fire as its protecting spirit. The blessed mother extended her arms into the fire and received the divine baby from the fire. The child was named Vallabh. Later he was known as Vallabhacharya.

Great persons are believed to have been born under extraordinary circumstances and so was the birth of Shri Vallabhacharya. The parents stayed at Champaranya for some days before they returned to Varansi, when normal condition had once more prevailed.
The face of the image of Shrinathji, whose upraised hand had appeared years back, came to light on Mount Goverdhan on the very day when Vallabhacharya was born, and later Shrinathji inspired Vallabhacharya to introduce Seva into Pushti Marg. Thus the birth of Shri Vallabhacharya coincided with the Manifestation of the Mukharavind of Shrinathji. Lakshman Bhatt and his family had returned to Varansi.
Lakshman Bhatt himself was a learned man and so he took keen interest in his child’s education. He engaged the best tutors who were well versed in their subjects. His educations commenced at the age of six with the study of Vedas. Soon at the age of eleven he had surpassed. His teachers with his intensive thinking and sharp reasoning.

Shree Valabhacharya used to meditate and talk to his followers in a peaceful surrounding area. There are total eighty four “Baithaks” all over India and they are still regarded with great reverence by the Vaishnavs.
He undertook various pilgrimage tours to various places expounded his teachings and perfecting his doctrines. Unfortunately, his father passed away before long, leaving him, at the age of eleven to the care of him mother. He spent more than fifteen years of his life in pilgrimages.
During his trip to Gokarna he was invited by the king of Vijaynagar and he was received with warm welcome. Here he started to introduce his views on Vedas, Gita, the Brahma-Sutras to introduce his views on Vedas, Gita, the Brahma-Sutras and the Bhagavat. The King requested him to settle down but he wished them and proceeded giving them the following message.

“You should all be good and religious person – Not a God fearing man but a God loving man. Speak the truth. Be just and honest to all. Treat all persons equally. Have faith in Lord Krishna and surrender yourself to him. Be charitable and never harm the hungry and the weak. Realize that service to men and animals is service to God”.

When he was in Pandharpur, Shri Vitobha told him to adopt (Gruhastha Dharma) i.e. to get married so that the Pushti Marg Could be propagated for generation after generation.

Shree Vallabhacharya settled down in Varansi and accepted Mahalakshmi the daughter of a Brahmin called Madhu Mangalam, in marriage after consulting his mother in S.Y. 1560. He had two sons. The elder was named Shri Gopinathji born in the S.Y.1568 and the second son born in the S.Y.1572 whose name was Shri Vithalnathji in reverence to Shri Vitobha of Pandharpur, whose incarnation he was believed to be. Shri Vallabhacharya being a great scholar had written innumerable books and his commentaries on srimad Bhagavata Purana are considered the best.

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