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Friday, February 9, 2018


At the age of fifty two he detached himself from the world and stared meditationg and singing the songs of praise of Shri Krishna. One week prior to his departure from this material world, he took a vow of silence on the Hanuman Ghat in Varansi at the bank of river Ganges. His Two sons requested him to guide them and give his last message. As he had taken a vow of silence, he wrote a few words on sand; which were as follows:- “Listen to my last words. I forsee a time when you will forget God and become engrossed in worldly matters. It is likely that you will become salves of your passions which will turn you away from the path of Devotion. Instead of rendering service to God which is your primary duty, you will fritter away your time and energy in idle pursuits. But if you follow my advice, God will not forget you. You should believe that Krishna is our God and never slackens your faith in him and then he will surely protect you. You should regard him as the be-all and end-all of your life. Your ultimate good lies in serving him, which should be done with all your heart, mind and soul. Trust in his protection. Remember him always in all thoughts, words, and deeds”.
As soon as he ended, Lord Krishna manifested himself Visually on the spot and wrote in the form of a verse completing shri Vallabhacharya’s message and consel thus :-
“If you have faith in me, you will be under my care and protection and will not suffer failure of any sort. Be free from sorrows and anxieties concerning your future, for you are safe in my hands.
Only you should love me with the love of Gopis. If you do so then you will surely secure liberation. That is the only mean of union with Me, by which you will regain your original divine nature. Do not give your thoughts to worldly matters. Be devoted to me and render service to “ME” by all the Means at your disposal”.
Soon after this Shree Vallabhacharya rose from his seat and entered into the waters of the Ganges singing to himself the song of the Gopis and the Yugala Gita from the Bhagavata, Concentrating his mind on God’s form. And to a Bhagavata, Concentrating his mind on God’s form the water and whisked him away in the sight of thousands of men, Women and children who had congregated there to have his last Darshan. This event took place in S.Y. 1587.
This aspect gives him transcendental character to prove that he was not “Prakrutic” (natural) person like us but divine. We also call him as Mahaprabhuji. Hence Vaishnav’s consider Shri Krishna, Shree Yamunaji and Shree Vallabhacharya on equall footings, for this simple reason that all the three are inherently capable of emancipating the souls from the bondage of life and death.



In this malignant age (Kaliyug) when all the paths leading unto Him are obscured and the people have been hypocrites, let God Krishna be my only Refuge.(1)
The country has been trampled down by (Non Hindus) and has become an abode of the sinners The good people suffer a great deal. At such a time, let God Krishna be my only Refuge.(2)
Even the most holy places like the river Ganga (Ganges) are surrounded by wicked people and their divine forms (Adhidevik Swarup ) have been non-manifest. Under such circumstances, let God Krishna be my only Refuge.(3)
Good people have become proud of their Scriptural knowledge. They are following the path of wickedness. They are inclined only to their personal riches and reputation. At such a time, let God Krishna be my only refuge.(4)
The holy people have become unable to produce any effect by chanting the ceremonial incarnation, because, the ruling spirits of these incarnation have deserted them, and, they know not how to invoke these ruling spirits. In short even the most powerful Mantras (incarnations) have lost their significance. Under such circumstances, let God Krishna be my only Refuge.
All the good actions and vows havo been mutilated by Various kinds of beliefs, even the great sages like Jaimini and Gautam have formulated wicked principles at such a time let God Krishna be my only refuge.(6)
At the time and under the circumstances as stated above, let God Krishna be my only Refuge.
Because He and He alone can destroys all the faults and sins of people like Ajamil He has shown His supreme power as 'the Destroyer of Sins' and 'Bestower of Salvation' even for a flimsy cause of reciting His name only once or twice and that too inadvertanty. (7)
All the Deities are Piakrit (Finite) beings As such they can bestow limited bliss upon their devotees. Even Akshar Brahma is ‘Bliss in measurable quantity.’ Only Hari i.e God Krishna the Supreme God is 'Immeasurable Bliss.' Therefore let God Krishna be my only refuge.
And who am I ? I am a person without the Power of Discrimination (Vivek) Patience (Dhiraj) and Devotion. I am devoted to sins and benefit of any merits. And yet let God Krishna be my only refuge.(9)
Who is God Krishna ? He is all powerful. He fulfils all desires of all His devotees. He is the Saviour of all those who seek His refuge. To Him alone, I submit this petition. (10)
Any one who recites this poem of Krishna-sraya in the presence of God Krishna, upon him, He bestows His Grace and showers His favors.(11)

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