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Saturday, November 17, 2018

ब्रह्मसम्बंध दीक्षा

ब्रह्मसम्बंध दीक्षा



A person becomes a 'Pushtimargiya vaishnav' only after being initiated into Pushtimarg by the 'Brahmasambandh diksha' and not by simply being born in a vaishnav family as is a mis-conception. Brahmasambandh is the entry of a jiva into Pushtimarg. It is a diksha which can be given by any of the existing Vallabhkul acharyas ONLY, not by any other person on this earth. The first brahmasambandh was given by Shri Vallabhacaryaji to Shri Damodardasji Harsani more than 500 years ago.
    The word 'Brahmasambandh' is made up of two words 'brahma' meaning prabhu and 'sambandh' meaning relation/attachment. Simply put by taking  brahmasambandh a jiva (person) becomes attached to prabhu.

The Brahmasambandh 

    The Brahmasambandh mantra is a sanskrit mantra containing 84 letters. This mantra is not man-made, it was first given to Shri Vallabh by Shri Thakurji Himself (in the form of Shri Gokulchandramaji) at Thakurani Ghat in Gokul on Shraavan Sud 11 in the year 1492 AD. Shri Thakurji had promised to Shri Vallabh - "To whoever you or your descendants give this diksha, I'll consider him/her as my own and so will not look at the faults of that jiva".
    This mantra is an oath taken by the jiva wherein he/she does samarpan of all his worldly wealth and relations MENTALLY to Shri Thakurji. After taking brahmasambandh the jiva believes that all worldly attachments (like wealth, family, etc.)are given by prabhu with His kripa, the jiva does the effort like business but it is prabhu who gives fruit in the form of wealth. This mantra is secret and pure, it cannot be read, written or recited in public. We cannot publish this mantra on the website.

                The PROCEDURE

    There is a set procedure for taking brahmasambandh which has been followed strictly since centuries. Here we give the details on what should be the ideal procedure (may vary slightly depending on the agya of Vallabhkul Acharya) that has to be followed by anyone willing to take the diksha. (Example : Supposing a person wants to take Brahmasambandh on 15th August). Here are the steps he/she should follow :
  1. Take permission from a Vallabhkul Baalak a few days before the diksha.
  2. Do complusory Upvas - taking only fluids and fruits/dry fruits - a day before the diksha is to be taken (here 14th Aug)
  3. Go to the haveli/place where the diksha is to be given the the fixed date (here 15th Aug).
  4. Gents should take a new (kori) dhoti(complusory) and bandi/uparna(optional) and ladies should take new (kori) saree or chaniya/choli to the place of diksha. (Tip : Also take new towel to dry the body alongwith the clothes mentioned above)
  5. One should take bath in one's house and shampoo the hair. Remove ring (angoothi), nail polish, mehendi or any kalai dora at one's house. Go to the place of diksha wearing normal clothes.
  6. On reaching the place of diksha, take bath a second time in apras and wear the dhoti/saree and sit in a pure place. Keep reciting the Ashtakshar mantra (Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama) till you are not called to take the diksha.
  7. Once you have taken diksha from Vallabhkul balak change into normal clothes after taking permission.
  8. Do bhet & charansparsh of Diksha guru and leave for your home. Remember to ask for a photo of your guru before departing and always keep the photo at a safe place where darshan can be done.

Points to remember follow after the diksha

    After taking the diksha we are not free. We must realise that from the day of Brahmasambandh we have just entered the sampradaya and so must take care of some basic things :
  •  Always wear two Tulsi Kanthis. Never ever part with the kanthi under any circumstances. Alternately, we can also wear a chandi/sona kanthi
  • Do paath like yamunashtakam, navratna, etc. and do a mala of 'Shri Krishna Sharanam mama' mantra daily after taking bath. Make it a habit of giving atleast 5-10 mins. to prabhu-smaran during the whole day
  •  Visit gurughar during auspicious days or days which hold importance to you. Make it a point to compulsorily do dandvat to guru on Shraavan Sud 12 (Pavitra Baaras)

The Necessity to take the diksha

  •  This diksha is necessary if the vaishnav wants to do Jhari-Charansprash or any other activity like sewa in Pushtimarg
  •  There are many who believe that there is no need to take the diksha if one is born in a vaishnav family, this is not true. Each and every jiva has to independently do samarpan to prabhu in the presence of Shri Vallabh and tulsiji
  •  Children of a vaishnav family should compulsorily be given the diksha as it can be helpful in case of emergency related to sewa
  •  Many vaishnavs believe that Brahmasambandh should be given only to those who are willing to do sewa, this is also not a practical approach as the wish to do sewa may arise at a later part in one's life. If the diksha is not given citing the above reason then the jiva - under no proper guidance - may go away at a young age to another marga whereby being deprived of his/her right of doing Bhagwat-sewa

His Holiness Param Pujya Goswami 108 Shri YADUNATHJI MAHODAYSHRI was born on Chaitra Sud Chhath to His Holiness Param Pujya Goswami 108 Shri VRAJESHKUMARJI MAHARAJSHRI. Shri YADUNATHJI Mahoday is the 17th descendent of Shri MAHAPRABHUJI who is the founder of “SHUDDHADVAIT PUSHTIBHAKTI MARG” popularly known as "SHRI PUSHTI MARG".

Shri YADUNATHJI earned his graduation from Gujarat University. His divine speech has aptly propagated ideas and principles laid down by Shri MAHAPRABHUJI to the Pushtimargiya Vaishnavs and the world as a whole. He has made tremendous efforts and contribution for Pushtimarg by applying the core principal of Pushtimarg in daily life of the Vaishnavs.

Shri YADUNATHJI has explained various Granths of Pushtimarg as well as Hindu civilization in general. He has also authored many books, “MADHURAM – I” being one of them. His Holiness divine vachnamrut on Yamunaji’s 41 Pad has been tremendously appreciated by the vaishnavs and has made revolution in Pushtimarg. His discourse on Shrimad Bhagvatji has mesmerized vaishnavs and earned him lot of respect. His Holiness has minutely explained the principles of seva kram and transferred the vaishanavs from doing mere “reet” to do “preet”. Shri YADUNATHJI has made enormous efforts for propagating Pushtimarg to the whole world. Under His Holiness presidency many Haveli’s have been established throughout India at places like Mumbai, Chennai etc. His Holiness has explored various other countries besides India, in continents such as Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

Shri YADUNATHJI has also started paathshala for pushtimargiya children so that the very principle of Pushtimarg is laid down in the next generation from the very beginning of their life. Shri YADUNATHJI is also engaged in various activities for the betterment of the being itself. His Holiness has centered many Dhyan Shibirs around the world which helped people to understand their internal energy which they possess and divert it to better their daily life. His Holiness’ lectures on management of time and energy are equally accepted to the world community. Shri YADUNATHJI under His guidance has conducted many blood donation camps at various institutions in India.

Under His Holiness’ presidency, “SHRI PUSHTI PARIVAR” was established in the year 2004, with an aim to integrate the scattered energy and utilize it for a larger and better purpose for the propagation of Pushtimarg. Various activities are carried out by the trust under the pertinent guidance of Shri YADUNATHJI. Some of them which includes developing and maintaining Gaushala, which with His Holiness untiring efforts and blessings has already been completed at Kadi, where more then 10 cows are being maintained in good conditions and facilities. Shri Yadunatji also aims at providing high level medical facilities to the vaishnavas with a medical van for vaishnavas in remote areas. The trust also aims at maintaining funds for which needful vaishnavas who can apply for loans to complete their social duties such as marriages, social function etc.

“Vaishnav Kalyan Nidhi Fund” is a unique scheme framed by Shri YADUNATHJI, through which a person could become a member of pushti parivar by donating mere hundred rupees per month. The aggregated fund is then utilized for achieving the goals laid down by the trust and thereby fulfilling the dream of Vaishnavas.

One of the dream of Shri YADUNATHJI for the vaishnav community is to develop Vaishnav avas where the vaishnavas could live with a feeling of being at home. “SHRI YAMUNAKUJ” which is going to be laid down at Shri Jatipura will fulfill this quest. Shri Yamunakunj is a striking example of His Holiness untiring efforts to do something for Pushtimargiya vaishnav and it would emerge as a model for other such Vaishanv avas in future.

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