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Saturday, August 21, 2010



Ashtakshar Mahamantra

• Ashtakshara Mahamantra: When Shri Vallabhacharya was on visit to northwest India, the Lord requested him to come to Mount govardhan to meet Him. Asking people around Mt. govardhan, Vallabh found that there is one cow going to the mountain everyday and releasing the milk at certain place. Vallabh asked people to dig that area. At this time the Lord revealed Himself to Shri Vallabh in form of Shree Nathji. At this time, the Lord hugs Shri Vallabhacharya and gave him sacred mantra "Shree Krishna: Sharnam Mama" to initiate people.

• Pushtimarg, the path of divine grace is based on the "Vishudhadvaita" philosophy, initially shown by shri Vallabhacharya. Shri Vallabh strongly suggested that Lord Shree Krishna is the ultimate, Krishna is everything and everything is Krishna. Thus Shri Krishna's blessings alone and only can free humans from the painful cycle of birth and death.

• Shree Vallabhacharya wrote many books, but many of them are not available today due to lack of proper preservance. Many importan books / articles / padas written by Vallabhacharya and the Acharyas of Vallabhkul are still available and famous in vaishnava society. Yamunashatakam, Navaratnam and many other padas, and Subodhiniji book are very important for Vaishnavas to read and understand.

• Shree Vallabhacharya was of modern thinking and that is why He started Mogul style attire for ShreeNathJee. Unfortunately, this is not happening in modern teachings of Pushtimarga by some leaders. But it is also true that following Vallabhacharya's method is easy path towards the religious journey and since this is proven method why not adopt it as a gift rather than introducing new method which may be not suitable to the luxury of Purushottam.

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